Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010

This is his way, what about you?

His name is Danang A. Probowo, he was an IPB (Bogor Institute of Agriculture) student. In that video clip he presented his life story which is so inspiring for me. One time, in an event in his institute, there was a speaker who said, “Write down your dreams concretely, and don’t write it in your memory only, because you will forget. Write down your 100 targets on a paper.” Then he did it and stuck it on his room wall. A lot of his friends laughed at him. But, one by one, that dreams on that paper was scratched because it came true. He did well in a national MTQ (Musabaqoh Tilawatil Qur’an) championship. Then he was one of the champions in PIMNAS (National Student Science Week) year 2006. Even though, he was not the best in his class, but he was able to be IPB most achieved student and continued to national level. In that video he also wrote that if anyone thinks that he has GPA was 4.00 or always has a perfect score on every class then he said no, I’m not. He had ever had GPA 2.7 and he sometimes got C in his examinations, even he had ever repeated his class. But it was never make him down, as the time went, he could reach his dream to study aboard in Japan. He said that we have to be brave enough to have a big dream, because from his dreams, he has so many achievements until now. Reach that dreams with all your heart and have a faith that there is always a hope.
Every time I play that video, there always appears a passion to move, to come up and reach my goals. After saw that true story, I realize that an ordinary man also can be an extraordinary person. Although there are so many failures that we meet, as long as we hold our faith firmly then we will find the way. I realize to think big and do my best efforts to reach my goals. I begun to write down my dreams, my success, also my failures, that they are a reminder for me that this life will be always fair, even though we sometimes judge it unfairly

"every long journey must begin with a single step"

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  1. wow, subhanallah...

    klo gama, udah berapa panjang list mimpinya? hehehe..

    wah, semangat semangat

  2. hehe.. selama semangat dan tekad masih membara maka cita-cita akan terus dibentangkan...


  3. terima kasih.. semoga sama2 terinspirasi

    silahkan lihat2 tulisan saya lainnya =D

  4. sama2 ke jepang jg akhirnya =))subhanalloh

  5. @pipi_ca: aamiin,,semoga bisa lanjut belajar ke negeri orang... =) *terinspirasi Imam Syafi'i