Selasa, 08 September 2009

Land and Water Mass Transportation: My Inovation My Imagine

Nowadays, especially in some cities which have high community density level such as Jakarta, Traffic jam is frequently occurred. The bad transportation system and drainage system in Jakarta is also contribute to that problem. However, one of the solutions that we can offer is we have to improve our transportation system. But until this time, that solution is still not effective because adding the numbers of means of transportation (in this case: land transportation) which is not balanced to enough infrastructure, only make the problem more complicated

Because of that, we need a mass transportation which has a higher mobility level. One of innovation that we can hope is a mass transportation which is not only able to operate on land but also able to work on water too. Why is this kind of transportation suitable to solve the problem? We can find the answers from some points of view.

Firstly, As I mentioned before, the adding a lot of mass vehicles which is not balanced to the enough infrastructure is mostly useless. So water way can be the solution (such as Jakarta which has some rivers). That mass transportation is not need to have wheels but we make it fly 50-100 centimeters from ground. The wheels of this vehicle are replaced with some rocket technologies so make it fly, and we can also hang it to the tire which has other functions like additional source of power. The question is whether it is better or not from conventional ships, and the answer is yes! This is because there are some parts of river which has not enough depth level for a mass passenger ship. Whereas this vehicle works by flying on surface of water. So this vehicle can also work when the flood come to Jakarta.

Secondly, the source of power of this vehicle will be costing much if we use gasoline. So this kind of vehicle must be powered by minimally electric power or nuclear power of from hydrogen fuel. These kinds of source of power are better for environment because it tend to release a little bit dangerous gas residues or other chemical substances for health and environment.

The last but not least, if we see the rapid progressions on technology, this kind of vehicle is not impossible to make. Considering to the worse of global environment, the green transportation is needed

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